How Many People Competed In 2015 Crossfit Open?

To date, more than 175,000 athletes have registered to compete in the CrossFit Games on-line. The 2015 Open will be the largest event ever held with an estimated 40,000 registrants coming from over 100 countries around the world. To put that number into perspective, there are approximately 15 universities located on every continent except one (Antarctica). That’s pretty impressive!

How did you come up with the idea of using a portal? What was your vision for this? When did build it? Why would someone want to use this site versus what is already available elsewhere online?

Crossfit started as a simple website expressing our mission statement which looked something like: “I am brave enough to face any challenge”. This early vision led us down a path that allowed us to evolve into something much different. It wasn’t until 2011 when we launched the first version of the 365 Club where all of our members owned their own affiliate account and could log in and share photos & movie clips. After some early misfires, we realized that both tens of thousands of affiliates creating content together enabled us to create community unlike anything else available out there coupled with an expanded audience experience across multiple platforms. We also recognize that customer engagement is paramount so keeping an open platform allows individuals/affiliates to interact in many ways including trading Crossfit products & services they may not otherwise buy based on professional recommendations/service referrals. If an affiliate receives $100 per month additional income w/o

Who Is The Girl In The Crossfit Standards Video?

My name is my good friend, Krista Hoyt. Some people call me “The Garbage Girl” because I have always had a fascination with garbage. But my real name is Casey Schumacher. I was born in Boise Idaho on April 14, 1993. My Dad got my mom pregnant when she was 18 years old and I guess they were high school sweethearts because they still live together today! That’s pretty cool right? Then guess what? Turns out that 30 days after I was born, my Dad moved to Stanger Utah (less than an hour away) to be closer to his family there… So now I’m technically part Native American! Ha ha! It sounds like something from the movie Call of the Wild but it’s true! We can’t wait for some day soon where we can make our home in Stanger—thanks to our parents for taking such good care of us along the way!!!

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how many people competed in 2015 crossfit open?


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