How Many Men Competing In South Central Region Crossfit Open 2018?

The participants in the South Central Region of the 2018 CrossFit Open (SCR) are listed below. You can find more information on how results will be determined here.

Just like last year, we chose the top two athletes per gender to move forward, along with one honorable mention male and female. The total number of finalists in each division remains unchanged since last year (eight men and seven women). In an effort to ensure a showcase event for our community, we cannot invite additional men or women to this year’s contest, though any athlete wishing to compete can enter individually – see format below – as long as they meet the typical entry requirements listed above.

2018 SCR Individual Format:

Male Division Finals: 4/24 & 5/1 at 11am + 1pm Top 2 from each heat advance into Semifinals…If there is a tie-breaker both athletes will compete for spots! Female Division Finals: 4/24 & 5/1 at 11am + 1pm Top 2 from each heat advance into Semifinals Last Man Standing Contest: Not applicable Men Women Total Place Name Affiliation Age Wtd Newcomer Place 7th Plats 8th Plats 9th Plats 10 Adrien Lemay CrossFit Wisconsin 29 23 27 24 35 14 Cindy Evans Sarnia Area Track Club 20 19 21 17 28 13 Robyn Jennison Level 10 Athletics 25 33 34 41 43 12 Trey Grenier Level 10 Athletics 22 31

I Want To Do Crossfit At Home What Should I Buy?

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how many men competing in south central region crossfit open 2018?


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