How Many Events On Day 4 Of Crossfit Games?

The CrossFit Games will use a four day format starting on Saturday March 18th, 2015 and wrapping up with the final on Sunday March 19th.

How many athletes will play in the first Open?

There will be 16 official athletes invited to compete at each Open on day 1 of that event. An athlete must have attended a previous Reebok CrossFit Games Regional Event or have been invited through an invitation-only alternate selection process, otherwise they are ineligible to compete. The only exception made is for former Games Athletes who earned their way back into competition by placing in one of their top 5 finishes in Regionals / Affiliate Events during the 2014 season (they must include this year’s regional results in addition to finishing in sixth place at any CrossFit Games event dating back to 2012). The rest of the Open rosters will be announced later this week.*

What events are open?

Matches held at the Games Trials determine what events are open so you know what you can expect when you arrive! For all events see:*

What Is The Difference Between Crossfit Knee Brace And The Regular Compression Sleeve?

There is a huge difference in the two. Crossfit Knee Sleeve can provide you with compression and support to take away swelling and protect your knees from harm. Other than that, it provides enough support for your knees so that you can get through pain-inducing exercises without having to rely on other means to get help. Moreover, there are also available options of this kind of sleeve made out of high-quality material like Neoprene and Sport. These benefits make crossfit knee brace an essential tool in keeping your joints and bones healthy and pain free while ensuring strength and conditioning at the same time! How Can I Use The CrossFit Knee Brace?

Original CrossFit Box on the Treasure Coast

how many events on day 4 of crossfit games?


Jumping 5K CrossFit is a small, home-based box. We are located in Punta Gorda, Florida and opened our doors in December 2013. We currently have 3 members who make up this little crossfit community. While we are not “huge”, we are very dedicated to our sport of fitness and the people that are involved with it. Most of us work full time jobs outside of CrossFit or College classes, but still find time to train every other day at least one session! CrossFit developed for athletes because it’s what you need to compete well—to get leaner strong faster than your opponents, otherwise known as “winning the game”. It gets your body conditioned so when the competition comes around you can take your game to another level. At Jumping 5K CF we focus on individual goals rather than just wanting to be good at everything or hoping that everyone else can do everything better than you (this is called “being humble).