How Many Days Per Week Can I Do Crossfit?

As a CrossFit Certified Trainer, you may begin doing any of the following six days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday late morning or mid-afternoon. You can also begin on Monday if you will not be working at all during the first three days of class.

Are there mandatory meetings?

Yes! As part of the waiver process you need to attend at least one of our mandatory meetings before starting a class. It’s very important that we have some sort of orientation with our new members to ensure everyone understands some basic information about what goes on in classes and why certain things might happen in a WOD. This usually takes place the night prior to beginning your first class with us however can be held either at Colorado CrossFit HQ or on location depending upon individual circumstances. Watch for details from Colorado CrossFit HQ regarding this important matter so you don’t miss it! Upon successful completion of the WBE process you will receive a kit fromColoradoCrossFitHQ which will include trainee specific info and handouts provided by staff helping ensure ColoradoCrossFitness is supporting your wellness objectives as part of its overall goal to help all athletes achieve their maximum potential physically, mentally and emotionally.”

How To I,Prove Your Crossfit Box?

When someone else did all the work. i was so lost when i first started crossfit, but now i have my routine down and can get through it without worrying too much about what is going on around me. I know if I don’t follow directions or try to pull something off that isn’t there I’ll end up second guessed for doing something wrong. To me not following the other people in the class means making sure you are doing things right because at least then you won’t be trying to fit in with everyone else that might not be commiting 100 percent to their routines. Hopefully this helps any new fliters out there once they figure things out.

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how many days per week can i do crossfit?


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