How Many Days A Week To Do Crossfit?

You should be able to find a class that fits your schedule. We offer two formats: location and time. Location classes are held in our CrossFit West Branch facility, and we try to host them on Mondays and Wednesdays for low intensity sessions (typically 30-45 minutes), followed by a recovery gym day On the weekends we have our coach available to help you design an intense workout group for 1-2 hours, typically from 10am – noon M-F. Time classes are designed for clients working during the week or those with childcare obligations who want an intense workout at home, but can’t commit to 2 45 minute workouts a week – this is where we pull from other qualified coaches throughout New Jersey and surrounding areas.

What do I wear?

The only requirment is a pair of flat shoes – sneakers or sandals will work best! You can use cross fit gear, but wearing running clothes is ok as well. This sounds intimidating but really there’s nothing complicated about it….just go outside!! There’s no equipment needed other than any dumbbells or kettlebells you may have at home. A soft drink or water bottle is always good idea as well as some sort of portable food supply due to the intensity of many of workouts! Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions about other gear required!

How Much Does The Crossfit Games Winner Get?

The total cash prize for the Crossfit Games is reported to be $275,000. At this time, there are no other reported prizes beyond what is stated above except for the two awards that will not be awarded until an athlete wins three games in the same season. The top five athletes at each of these competitions earn themselves another $20,000 each while placing 6th-15th get a spot in the Masters Strongman Competition. The top four strongmen place move on to compete for a bonus of up to $10,000 each while placing 4th-6th get another bonus of up to $5000 each although if you wish to compete in both events then you can apply here. What are some other Major Events? The Crossfit Games have several other separate competitions depending on your social media following and how much money or social capital that you have as well as those who sponsor them such as Amazon and Shark Tank with separate individual contests as well although they tend to be more regional than anything else but there is also Master’s League which is only open to those who compete in both lighter weight classes so really they aren’t worth it besides if its free money and you want some extra exposure we suppose we wouldn’t complain especially after one of their producers liked our Facebook page and re-posted it again on there so thanks!

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how many days a week to do crossfit?


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