How Many Crossfit Games Athletes Masters Men (50-54)?

crossfit games 2017 athletes masters women (50-54)?

CrossFit Games 2016: Last Chance Qualifiers Heats [ edit ]

# Name Affiliation Division beats Region Score 55 Oliver Balke Germany M 50 FR 416 106.5 [1] 56 Adrian Smedins Germany M 50 FR 410 106 [2] 57 Yegor Chabanov Kazakhstan M 50 BR 406 106 [3] 58 Egor Kouzmin Russia M 50 BY 405 105.5 [4] 59 Alexander Tsagolkin Russia M 50 BY 405 109 60 Roman Gukich Russia M 50 RU 400 91 61 Dima Zboril Russia F 20 BY 395 102 62 Caroline Corbin Canada F 30 CAN 300 107 63 Philippa Sinisch Canada F 40 CAN 200 110 64 Jillian Halpin USA F 25 USA 100 103 65 Elli Lundin Finland F 35 FIN 85 108 66 Kacie Hughes USA F 30 USA -109 67 Lizzy Hawbaker USA = 37 38 58 70 Alyson Annabburn Fiji Men 40 FF 295 101 71 Daniel Barrett Australia Men 45 AUS 285 94 72 Marius Johansson UKR Men 55 UKR 280 97 73 Angus Fitzgerald Ireland Men 30 IRL 240 80 74 Joao Costa Portugal CPL 240 94 75 Caitlin Clancy Great Britain Women 40 GBR 125 133 76 Lucy Hindle Great Britain Women 35 GBR 110 113 77 Hannah Waddington New Zealand Women 25 NZL 90 111 78 Victoria Bell Great Britain Women 45 GBR

How To Target Crossfit Affiliate Owners On Facebook?

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CrossFit Games’ Return to Live TV Brings 400,000 Additional Viewers

how many crossfit games athletes masters men (50-54)?


for ESPN2‘s Box Office Blockbuster of an Evening More than 400,000 additional viewers tuned in to the broadcast of the 2018 CrossFit Games on ESPN2 Tuesday night, with an average of 468K viewers tuning into at some point during the broadcast. The viewership was up 75% from last year’s competition on ESPN2 when just over 250K people watched for at least some part of it. This is one of the most-watched cable TV broadcasts this year across cable sports networks, which had their best primetime delivery in more than three years. The entire weekend portion averaged 1.28M viewers over six hours including replays on ESPNews and Mondays & Tuesdays editions of SportsCenter on ESPNU, while live streaming via WatchESPN delivered another 959K unique users (3 million minutes) watching Monday-Tuesday comparisons session; accounting for nearly 25% year-over-year audience growth off 42% increase across stations (2015: 635k/1m), double that streaming performance across Live Sports Programming (177k/202k). Overall, 721K fans were watching online through WatchESPN or using TuneIn radio service with total streams topping 6 M minutes; nearly 5 times more digital audience than 2015 with 18M minutes streamed nationally (3rd most ever for CrossFit Games broadcast). With 450K additional eyeballs tuned in to ESPNews replay/app replays throughout the event day including Top 10 competitors games in seven cities