How Many Crossfit Boxes Are There In The World?

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According to CrossFit Headquarters, there are currently no less than 540 ‘functional’ or ‘regionally sanctioned’ CrossFit boxes and affiliates worldwide and perhaps more than 1,000 individuals trained in all things CrossFit. Estimates of the number of individual owners of “independently owned” facilities range from a few hundred to several thousand. [3] In addition to the actual box locations, graphic design firms turn out bus shelter ads for each neighborhood that contain a camouflage grid map of their respective area that lists CrossFit boxes by area. In America these boxed maps show up with some frequency on suburban railroad stations sandwiched between fitness trails blazoned with pictures of leaner men wearing label-new workout garb.[1] But they do not always reflect the most accurate information about where a municipal gymnasium can be found in a metro area. For example, in one case an advertisement listed only four locations when in fact there were five nearby neighborhoods containing at least one affiliate box.[4][5] And though no official counts have been made public for this year[2], legend has it that every time zone surrounding Central Europe has two or three crossfit boxes.[6] However it is widely believed among regional enthusiasts that Poland holds more functional gyms per square kilometre / approximatly 10 km² per 100kkm² than any other nation on earth. Polish reports indicate anywhere from around 200-500 people training at a given metropolitan level favorite compared

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Let’s get to know Tim “Timbo” Everett for a minute. He’s been training full time as a Crossfitter now since March, and he just started competing in the Open this year. Well now that we got the introduction out of the way, let’s talk about his journey as a newbie to Crossfit! This is how it all started with him: Tell us your story from the beginning… How did you learn about Crossfit? Well I have been lifting weights regularly since my sister bought me a set when I was 17 years old, so I had some basic strength training going on before I started at WOD 21… But once 21 hit it was non-stop. That class rocked my world! At first I worked through early exhaustion every day but after two weeks of deadlifting over 400 lbs and squatting something like 500 or more, there was no way anyone could walk away from that workout without pain – period. A few days later injured myself pretty badly doing something stupid – ignored body cues – took three months off from lifts completely because “fatigue carrying over too far – need rest – back will be fine – suck it up bitches, go do pull ups…. etc.. etc.. etc.. Depending on who you ask this is either severe weakness or complete loss of movement due those issues. Either way there were lessons learned that won’t ever be forgotten and knowing what those lesson are right now help

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how many crossfit boxes are there in the world?


Strength Level This class will be a combination of some Squats and some Overhead movements. One example would be deadlift variations such as sumo, stiff-legged etc. Another example would be front squats/overheads with kipping or weighted. You can go into this class with an assignment like: Back Squat (4 x 4 @ 80% for reps) then Front Squat (4 x 4 @ 85% for reps). Or if you watched the January Competitor Test…you may have done something like: Back Squat (3 x 3 @ 95%) and “Explosive” Overhead Press (3 x 3 @ 10RM) and every 2 minutes in between they switch the exercise out….I know about type A personalities! This is great because it keeps your workouts varied and helps with recovery since you’re using different muscles each period. Other than that, just do what works best for you to get stronger at certain things…the day is yours to use it how best suits your needs!