How Many Crossfit Affiliates Are There Worldwide??

) and we end up on a lot of the same websites. I’ve had clients that were referred to me by other affiliates as well as those who found my website on their own for one reason or another.

I’ve worked as a trainer since I was 18 years old and have been lucky enough to train people from all walks of life, cultures, ages and backgrounds over the years. I highly recommend you check out my gym/life-style here: The USWellness Connection

What is your training philosophy? My training philosophy changed and evolved over time and it is very much based on results driven training which relies more heavily on how we feel than on some sort of perceived ideal “look”. It’s important for us to remember everyone has their own unique needs with regard to programming so please keep this in mind when working with your clients! Follow Up / CrossFit Centers / Affiliations Websites: www.uswellnessconnectionfitne…crossfitnetwor…

How Much Has Crossfit Expanded In The Last Year?

CrossFit has exploded as a sport, geographic presence and as a lifestyle. In just the last 12 months CrossFit India, CrossFit France and CrossFit Australia have been formed – each with hundreds of members already. Over 300 new affiliates have been created in 2017 alone – more than any year before – its growth is exponential! We estimate that the worldwide community grew by 20% over the last year. What Makes It Different? The first thing you notice about a group of people who competitively train is how they all look differently from each other. They not only look different from traditional mens’ training groups but also from women’s groups or crossfit trainers of colour, weight loss diets etc. They look like athletes or ‘deserving’ gym pooers whove travelled far to find their passion! For years now weve seen fitness trends come and go but always come back to body fat measurements or gut-busting exercises that leave users gasping for air long after… The barbell/dumbell workouts are fun for certain well equipped individuals but can be inefficient for those already slow building up their strength– high reps = higher risk of injury (especially if imitating gymnastics). WODs bring out an amazing community spirit where competitors rise above egos and put others first… Everyone works together to push through adversity yet still rises to take home gold at weigh ins! Its hard work (often both mentally & physically)…its

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how many crossfit affiliates are there worldwide??


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