How Many Calories Should A Crossfit Athlete Eat?

I will assume that you are not looking to become a professional athlete, but rather keep it simple and stick with what works. Average weight loss goals for novice to intermediate crossfitters are around the 5-10 pound range. Even if you stick with this routine 3 days per week, 10 pounds would be lost in three months. Admittedly, losing more than 15 pounds in 3 months is incredibly unlikely, but we also cannot guarantee success or failure of any diet we may recommend or promote. Your goal should be to simply try and make consistent progress towards your weight cycling goal (going up and down evenly at first). If you put on enough muscle mass through eating enough calories then losing those excess calories as fat will not be as much of an issue; those extra calories will come from those new muscles!

A typical beginner would eat between 2100-2400kcal per day (your exact numbers may vary based on activity level/activity type). A typical intermediate food intake would run between 2200 – 3500kcal per day – so about 20 – 30 % more during the week and at least 50% more on the weekends. We do not really generally differentiate between which percentage of increase is “safe” and which is “too high” – its generally accepted that most people can eat 2500kcal without problems although some individuals can go even higher depending on where they fall within their energy expenditure curve (i.e., very active guys could probably eat 3000 kcal

How Many Men Go To The Crossfit Games?

This is a question we get asked constantly. How many men go to the CrossFit Games? What it essentially means is: how many people in the world compete in the Open and sanctioned events in the sport of CrossFit? It’s a great question and it’s something that I’ve thought about constantly over the years. We take our easy way out by counting total world competition numbers, but there are other factors to consider. So let’s try to list some of them. Competition Numbers Are Pushed Up It’s always wrong to count based on absolute numbers because they don’t necessarily mean anything when you look at them without context or perspective. The hard part about calculating or looking into these numbers for us is that things change constantly every year! If there was one thing that has changed since 2010, it would be our ability to keep track of competitors outside of America due to social networking tools, technology, etc… so I struggle with the amount of people worldwide who compete regularly against each other globally speaking. And even within America, you have huge differences between states so there are more than 10 global-level athletes per state easily competing against each other locally if needed! So while this info should help answer your question, I can see why you might still have questions afterwards 😉

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how many calories should a crossfit athlete eat?


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