How Many Calories Does One Burn With 1 Hour Of Crossfit?

I’m actually demonstrating to my high schoolers. Thanks for the tips!!

goatheaddawg bro, i really need some more details on the subject!

how many calories does one burn with 1 hour of crossfit?

Awesome post you have there! I love it. Good work dude :throwup: :throwup: :thumbdown: if anyone has time again please stop by again and tell us all about it. I would truly appreciate that. One day everyone will be doing CrossFit!!! LMAO Its so cool seeing people becoming stronger physically through this style of training it tugs at your heart strings when you see their progress 🙂 Keep up the great work!!!! luv ya bro!!!

Jimbob Love it man, keep at it! Mel’s got balls taking these pics in front of a bunch of kids – what kind of comments are you getting from them? Keep working hard at that homie!! 🙂

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Crossfit Gym??

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how many calories does one burn with 1 hour of crossfit?


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