How Many Athlete From The West Region Will Qualify For Regional Crossfit?

5. How many teams will enter the open?

6. Who is setting up the regional trials for each region? Are they doing it themselves or are they being helped by someone? If so, who is helping them and what’s their experience level with crossfit?

How will athletes qualify once regional trials are held on June 5th/7th, 2014 for qualifying spots to Sanctional Crossfit Games 2014 in Greensboro NC on August 23-24th, 2014?? Entries must be limited to 130, max of 50 per region. It’s a fun event but can be used as qualifier for more important things if this meets standards.

*What about the Texas Regional? We have 4 land based gyms south of Dallas on Lake Travis… *

We are sorry that we missed you! Please spread the word amongst your fellow athletes and gyms across Texas!!/event.php3 I would like to see more active participation from all regions including Texas! The staff just wants this WOD community active again! You guys showed us great motivation at our first year Crossfit games in 2009… Lets do it again!!

An Individual Event preview for Regionals: – Austin

What Muscles Do Crossfit Plougher Work On??

A: Crossfit Plougher of course uses several different muscles. The Abdominals, Glutes and Quads on the quad side and the glute/hamstrings/hamstring complex and core on hammy side. Are There Any Differences Between Regular and Hardcore Crossfit Ploughers?? Which Is Better? A: I don’t think there is a huge difference between regular cross fit ploughing and hardcore cross fit ploughing as far as difficulty level. That said, some may prefer something less heavy due to time restraints or personal preference. Personally, as soon as I get to the gym I feel like running bare feet across ice! It’s just an addiction that you’ll have to experience for yourself! You can read here about our crew’s experiences doing it regularly with bare feet..

James Hobart

how many athlete from the west region will qualify for regional crossfit?


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