How Many 2017 Crossfit Games Athletes Made It To The Olympics?

In the 112th edition, 21 of those that qualified from Europe, USA and Canada ended up making it to not just the games but to the Podium as well. In Canada, the men were 9-8 and in Ireland they were 7-5. In America there was a tie – 4 – with two going to both countries.

17 make it to BANDS at 2018 CrossFit Games! Congrats athletes… See you soon!! — Jeremy Pate (@jeremypate_o) October 13, 2017

So what is your favorite feature about the 2017 CrossFit Games? How many five’s did Patrick Vellner hit on his way to victory? Are you ready for next year?!

Why Doesnt Anyonenlike Brook Ence In The Crossfit World?

Top 10 Reasons Brook Ence Is The Most Hated Crossfit Competitor Crossfit Brook Ence is an American middle-distance runner and powerlifter with a dubious tenuous link to the sport of CrossFit. And yet somewhere in the range of 200,000 people follow her training regimen. Four years ago at the 2013 CrossFit Games she set a world record and was selected as one of two competitors for ESPN Built Ford Tough Series: Team To Remember. It’s that last part that has most fans outraged with how Brook Ence is portrayed by her crossfitters (what seems like every time I scroll through my Facebook feed there’s another post about it). But why does Brook Ence get such a bad rap?Liz Neely, an OCR athlete at Penny Saver Expedition Center , gave us 5 reasons why we can’t stand Brook Ence in the crossfitter community:1) Let’s start with what we already know — all 7 years old girl wants to be like Mike Tyson and use his infamous quote “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” towards this tiny little girl who calls herself The Pound Girl!2) Since Brook gained weight she uses medically incorrect terms instead of words like “exercise” or “workout.”3) Her attitude toward any sort of fitness regimine other than high intensity interval based sessions are looked at as weak.4) She constantly

20 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home

how many 2017 crossfit games athletes made it to the olympics?


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