How Long Will It Take To Lose Weight While Doing Crossfit?

I have been doing crossfit for about 3-4 months now. I am currently at 53 lbs and 5’3″..My target weight is 30 to 40..Will it take me a month or so? I don’t want to quit but i feel like I have reached my maximum potential with this workout regimen.

– Kenny

What are the benefits of being on track with your diet with crossfit? – Molly Daugherty

Hi Molly , It definitely takes practice, but if you eat lean proteins and healthy fats (such as nuts and olive oil) and less simple carbs and sugar and cut out processed foods you should be able to make good progress toward your weight loss goals. As long as you do not overeat during the day, then your hormones should work well guide you throughout your day…and all day long! Only one thing can halt progress: stress (which depletes our hormones!) Get under control guys..relax, take care of yourself & eat right! Hope that helps…Loss Coach Mike

What Are “Dough Boys” In Crossfit?

“ 8. A word on the effectiveness of creatine monohydrate – This is an oldie but a goodie, and it’s also one of the most common questions I get asked. Creatine monohydrate is NOT the only source for creatine. When people ask me “What do you use?” or want to know if “I should bulk with creatine monohydrate”, my answer is always the same: There are many forms of creatine supplements on the market today – some perform significantly better than others. And unfortunately, not all of them actually work very well! What many people don’t realize (and what I didn’t know until I was researching this article), is that 99%+ of people who buy over-the-counter creatine products fall into the category called those who need regular supplementation for no significant reason other than showing up at a commercial gym, using regular gym equipment without ever even meeting a single person from Crossfit before purchasing their brand new set of bodybuilding workout clothes and supplements….. In any event, there are several forms & uses for taking creatine as a supplement before beginning any serious weightlifting regimen although much more research will be needed before we can truly determine which form(s) works best each time you take it type dependent – period. And fortunately, this article covered these points much better than any book could. Nevertheless there are certainly benefits to taking a form specific form that has been shown to have benefits in studies versus simply being able to

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how long will it take to lose weight while doing crossfit?


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