How Long Will It Take For Results In Crossfit?

I don’t know if this has already been answered, but it’s the only explanation I can find for why people are so torn over GVT vs WB.

For me….I just started 7 weeks ago, and felt that WB was harder than GVT (which surprised me), but still noticed HUGE BICEPS GROWTH since starting GVT twice a day. So for me it’s not likely to sabotage my gains with Carbs/Grits/Polish…But the length of time will ultimately determine whether or not I continue. And since my max length during weight training is about an inch, I’ve realized it’s extremely important to make sure I’m on track to be “done” by then. What should happen within 4-6 months?_________________Coach Ryan Watherall


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Moderator (President)Joined: 21 Aug 2007Posts: 31466 on topic Posted: Sat, 15. Nov 12, 11:31 Post subject: Note that you’re really working with nothing more than a couple numbers here – what you’re getting out of a workout is going to have a huge impact on how fast your gains will come along.. Even tiny lifts “size up” the muscles being worked the most during those few minutes in the gym!

That said – If progress slows down after doing both every day for awhile…There may be other things you

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how long will it take for results in crossfit?


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