How Long Should You Wait Between Strength Training And A Crossfit Wod?

How often should you work out? How much weight should you lift in each workout?

The answers to these questions can’t be found by following your strength coach’s guidelines or perfecting circuit training. They are very much up to the individual lifter and depend on where they are in their fitness (strength, cardio, power) development; however, if the goal is performance enhancement then the answer will be different for each person. The general guideline I recommend when working with clients is that 1-2 weeks should go by between workouts. If you miss a workout don’t worry about it too much, just get back at it!

What Do Crossfit Athletes Do To Relax Their Body?

Everyone has a different reaction to Crossfit, and I’m no exception. Some say it feels like they got in shape instantly after their first class, while others feel like they can barely walk/run after I finish my WOD with them. The only way you’ll know is if you try it! Everyone is different; some people may be able to go hard the entire time and not show any signs of fatigue, while others may run in circles in order to catch their breath before asking me for a light jog around the parking lot. However, through out my four years of coaching Crossfit athletes at my box, we have perfected a process that allows our members to achieve results–and still recover well after their workouts. A relaxed body is one that gets stronger healthier fast! That’s why there are certain techniques taught at every level of CF that help us all relax into our bodies during training. Below are 4 key things CrossFit athletes do to relax their bodies, so all your future heroes can enjoy effective workouts as well!

Finish Strong Crossfit

how long should you wait between strength training and a crossfit wod?


Lite // Long Distance Classic Crossfit Lite // HARTZell Hartzell, Round 10 This past weekend, I competed in a very unique event. The Crossfit Lite Throwdown Competition is a sanctioned competition for Kestrel’s World class athletes only. This specific event takes place at the mecca of American lifting and training: Westside Barbell. It was held on Sunday afternoon and consisted of one men’s WOD (Workout Of the Day), followed by one women’s WOD. Each athlete had to perform both workouts within 30 minutes of each other. There were no points given for any missed lifts or repeats; you did what you were “asked” to do and finished strong. On top of the short time frame we had to complete both workouts, we didn’t get any warm-up or cool down after completion of either workout. As an athlete who competes all season long over multiple day events, this threw off my entire week prepping for regionals! However, I knew that I had made up my mind about competing in this event during Regionals last month and was more than prepared for what it entailed physically and mentally! It also tested my mental toughness—coming into such a new event with zero knowledge or feedback on your performance/progress following the first workout is extremely difficult while dealing with our usual high volume long distance WODs prior to this event while battling inferior rest periods and minimal recovery