How Long Should It Take To See Results From Crossfit?

I’m going to put up a disclaimer at the top that I am in no way a certified Crossfit coach or trainer. Nor do I even really know what “Crossfit” is all about. I found a great article on how this works over here, so if you want more information on why this program works for some people and not others, please check out my article on it! That being said, as someone with college athletic training experience as well as physical therapy background who also loves lifting weights, eating healthy and getting my sweat on with any type of cardio possible…crossfit was something that sounded really appealing to me! It requires a lot of work just to get into shape from where i sit..and then the final goal is exactly 4 months away! And for one person? It can be very frustrating. So I decided to test out this method with only 1 month guaranteed results…and see what worked best for my body type and goals…

It didn’t take long before my first set of workouts were completed! These are what they were:

Warm Up- 5 Minutes/10 Points

Jump Rope – 3 Rounds 10 Points For Each Round (25 Total) Moderate Jog – 15 Minutes Long Distance Run – 20 minutes Moderate Jog – 15 Minutes Long Distance Run – 10 minutes Slow Walk – 30 Minutes Endurance Cardio Spin Class -45 minutes

Crossfit How Do You Progress With No Consistebch?

I have been doing this for about 6 months, and I can say that it absolutely works. You need to take the time to map out your progress by ranking yourself in comparison with people you see at the gym or in boot camp style classes. Set a goal: “skinny fat” is nice and all, but if you want to get down there (and keep it off), be realistic with your goals and expectations of yourself. Start with something like jumping up on a tall box or bench press more than twice as high as you weight it (in pounds) for one rep. Once you reach some sort of benchmark (think 80 pounds) where you’re actually comfortable doing those things without too much effort, set another goal: more leg exercises. Be careful not to go overboard; otherwise, those musclelodge workouts aren’t going to do anything for ya! And just because you can do 100 leg squats doesn’t mean they will automatically translate into more defined legs unless you put them into action – smart trainers know that just showing someone how great they look on their back won’t necessarily lead them to making the changes necessary – strength is no longer really even considered after pressing one rep of 255#! And so on…so on… Read More

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how long should it take to see results from crossfit?


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