How Long It Took To Get To Crossfit Regionals?

CrossFit has helped me stay strong and live a more healthy lifestyle. It’s made things much easier for me as I was so worried about making it to regionals because of my injury, but CrossFit really changed my life and allowed me to overcome those fears.

What was your workout this week?

My workout consisted of several rounds of: 1-3 minute run, 20 box jumps (used 3 sets with 5 box jumps each set), 15 air squats high step overs, 10 chest to overhead bar muscle ups, 10 heavy KB swings on the 45 pounder…then I would break it down into smaller parts by doing pullups or movements one leg at a time until all the little pieces were done.

How long have you been CrossFitting? What are some tips you’d give someone just starting out in the community?

I’ve been CrossFitting for 3 years now! I’d say that is pretty impressive considering most people start in their early 30s! Though if it wasn’t for Amanda who really pushed me over the edge to where I am today…Mastering the basics was my biggest challenge!! She showed how basic movements built off each other naturally so even when you can do something right you don’t need someone screaming “i cant believe anyone could not be able to do this” which is why everyone needs an AMANDA!!!

I love Coach Blake Cucchiara’s approach – keeping everything simple yet always pushing yourself to

How Many From Each Region Go To Crossfit Regionals?

There was a survey that was sent out in December to all active members of CrossFit, and we received 2.08% of the answers, so there were at least 712 responses. We were hoping for more than 3% response rate by this point, so we’re pretty happy with the results. If you go to our regionals page right now, you can look up how many people from your home region will be going to regionals and then use that number as a basis for how much event support your region might get. We cannot say definitively what percentage of athletes from each region will end up going to CrossFit Regionals until after Regionals are over though, because people would rather not publicly disclose their travel plans until it’s too late. What Is The Average Age For Athletes In Each Region? It varies from year to year based on the geographic distribution of the Open top-level classes, but typically female athlete ages range from 18-35 while male athlete ages run from 30-45+. That means young women tend to dominate elite sport here in America while middle aged men still have a lot of time left in them!

The Vegetarian Weightlifter

how long it took to get to crossfit regionals?


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