How Long Has Queen Beezy Been Doing Crossfit?

I wouldn’t expect to be able to organize that sort of thing, but if I was looking for someone more suited for it I’d look at her. That’s not the same as “who is she?” yo budziggy! She’s on here like 7 times already!

“Queen Beezy” ( was disqualified because she wasn’t part of the ‘original’ crew, which includes zwifty and myself. There isn’t anyone more qualified than any of us three to host the site in the future, so I’m glad that y’all can trust our judgement about who should be there. However ….

We’re going to firm up a little bit better what we’re trying to achieve with this website by promoting ourselves a little bit more through whatever means we can come up with before we take over operations again from somebody else next fall, and afterwards that will include representation at regional games towards Nationals – if THIRTY-THREE people want to take over operations once again from some other entity they’ve left behind them … how exactly are they going to make sure nobody else can make a claim against them?

Also, after I spend time implementing Fuzzy Bear’s suggestion this week about organizing crossfitter types based on region instead of individual members – everyone needs a proper shoutout where EVERYB0DY knows you’re a decent guy or gal –

Crossfit How Many Times Should You Squat A Week?

Once you figure out what your goal weight is, it’s time to find out how many times per week you should squat. To do so, the first thing you need to determine is your one-rep max or 1RM. You can do this with a barbell test for most lifts, but if you use dumbbells or kettlebells to squat instead, just perform 10 reps of both exercise, resting only 2 minutes between each set. This will take about 15 minutes all up. The following day(s) perform another test using either three sets varying five reps per set at 65-80% of your 1RM minus one rep (no more than four plates on the bar), or two sets varying six reps per set at 80-90% of your 1RM minus one rep (up to 10 plates). After these two workouts are complete, adjust your training volume down by 5-10% and make sure not to exceed five hours of sleep each night over the course of that period.

The Daily Shannon

how long has queen beezy been doing crossfit?


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