How Long Does Reebok Have The Crossfit Contract?

Reebok has the contract until the end of 2010.

Mick said it was weird that Steve had never even mentioned reebok, he thought it odd that they weren’t getting together first.

Kelly said she didn’t want to say too much about how long they wanted to do this for because at some point you have to move on and they were moving on now. So this WOD will be done sometime in January they said, maybe sooner than later depending on what happens with Kelly’s health issues and if she can continue progressing through them or not!

If you haven’t checked out Kelly’s training log, here’s a link: Kelly is currently doing an “I won’t” series and she celebrated her completing quarter circle with a big IWON’T squat cycle.-Kelly had been doing spin classes as well as hill repeats since October but then last Saturday the worst thing happened; Kelly tore her anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) which is one of those pretty significant injuries (knee joint).-The MRI showed that there wasn’t any damage to her meniscus however there was some damage to the inside of her knee joint (articular cartilage) and also something called meniscal injury(she kindof sounded like Monica from Friends when Jurj used medical terms). There was slight tearing in an extensor digitorum tendon and all of these were things where specialists make recommendations. She basically had torn

What To Look For In A Crossfit Show?

The CrossFit Games each year tells us a ton about what we should watch and responds to the needs of the average viewer, who doesn’t know much about programming. Here’s my take on things: 1 – The Open: It’s what we all watched last year and were glued to our screens for days! You can catch it here. Don’t skip this! Go back and re-watch it if you missed it, because there is so much information packed into these few hours that you really need to understand. And go back and re-watch them often. These are the terms that you will want a good grasp of as a CF audience member going forward. 2 – The Wods: These workouts told us a lot too, not just how athletes worked out but also their goal for the weekend! All those people getting together betting on money was heartwarming at times though I don’t think it really contributes as much as everyone seems to think whenever anyone brought up betting money over time as opposed to paying attention. In any case, now you know where all those people came from… 3 – The Skills & Drills: This part of the competition was interesting in that all those athletes had been preparing for months prior with lots of training but they still showed a lot of improvement through weeks 1-10 until Week 11 when everyone kind of settled in by showing very little progress against brettsus amazing scores from before no matter how


how long does reebok have the crossfit contract?


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