How Long Does It Take To Compete In Crossfit?

Pendlay says it takes her about three years to develop the foundation you need in order to compete in CrossFit. Beyond that, make sure the entire fitness community will accept you. Pendlay says she spent six months in competitions competing against other elite athletes before she was accepted by them as a member of their ranks. “Now I am just one of them,” she said. “They don’t know my real story, they just see me as another elite athlete entering next season’s Open! I am honored to be able to be part of this great family here at CF-East Bay Family Sports Center. They welcomed me with open arms and taught me what it means to be part of the CFSF family which is so welcoming and supportive of everything we do here on our new home turf at East Bay Gymnastics Club in Pleasant Hill.

What Do Crossfit Games Do With Plates After Event?

Some athletes may be wondering what happens with the plates after the Games are completed. There is no set answer for this, but most Crossfit events have their own rules on how to handle the deluge of post-event garbage that they provide participants at each event. There are plenty of options for actions after completing an event in the Games, including donating your dirty equipment to charity, selling them on eBay or giving them away to Crossfit affiliates who are willing to purchase them. Some Crossfit gyms will donate all or part of their trash bags used during an event as well. Kelli Tennant Will Attend The Arnold Fitness Festival In 2018!

how long does it take to compete in crossfit?


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