How Long Does It Take To Become A Top Level Crossfit Athlete??

lol where did you get of the crossfit program? thanks amanda

Wish I could have taken a class, but it is so hard to find time at work. It would have been nice by this point in my CrossFit career to have gone through a CrossFit 101 course!

Hello Amanda, I was wondering if there were any men that had done crossfit? If so what weight did you achieve then and how long did it take for you to get there??? Thanks Mike from Orlando FL

Hey Amanda – Just found your blog and really like it. Do any of you guys ever see yourselves graduating in 2014 or 2015?? If not when will be the next time we’ll see 3 women in the World Games line up!! Keep up the awesome work girls we love ya! Chizandra Bradley (USA) Warrior Athlete Team Coach

Thanks Amanda for such an amazing recap on our time spent in Italy with OAC Elite. You kept track of everything that went on without us knowing about it until we came home and were able do our own research; which is quite impressive after nearly three months! We all loved Italy and learned so much during these two competitions and proud of our accomplishments along with final standing! We all look forward to coaching again at some point, maybe wherever there’s an opportunity together…but mostly we’ve already talked about coming back out here sooner than later because we fell in love with where we live!!! 🙂 Thank you again for such an incredible

What Do You Won If You Win The Crossfit Games?

The majority of Crossfit Games participants are also athletes. Taking part in the Crossfit Games tests the endurance, speed and power that are needed for serious athletic activity. So how do you win if you are an athlete looking to test your physical capacity? It’s simple: perform well enough during the Open Workout WODs to place amongst the top three male or female finishers, respectively. If you finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd among all competitors at a particular event (e.g., The 21-15-9), then cross the finish line under your own strength and power with no assistance from machines or free weights – so long as you complete each rep listed on each Conventional WOD with perfect form before moving on to the next one!


how long does it take to become a top level crossfit athlete??


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