How Is The Crossfit In Midtown New York Set Up?

The CrossFit Midtown box is located in an industrial neighborhood on West 53rd street. The neighborhood has a wide range of amenities and the complex itself feels like a warehouse. The fact that it’s in New York City sets up for some interesting things, such as long lines and crowds at times. There are plenty of Parking spots around Midtown if you don’t want to use the garages or street parking, and there’s also a subway station two blocks away from the gym which makes traveling to any part of New York City so much easier. One downside is that many residents who live in this area work during business hours, so they can be loud when walking by during classes. Some members have complained about noise levels outside the front door at night, but we’ve never had problems with noise inside our facility. If you’re looking for a place to train in NYC, we’d recommend checking out Laura at Bona Fides Fitness Center: 212-945-9000

How Are The People In The Crossfit Games Too Huge?

Let me start off by saying this. I would love to tell you that all 228 competitors in the CrossFit Games are 250 pounds of muscle and no fat. However, the reality is that most people who compete in the games weigh between 175-200 pounds. The men’s average weight was 181, while the women’s averaged 156. Now do not get me wrong; I am not saying these numbers are unattractive, but think about what could happen if they caressed their midsections before hitting the meat rack each game day. One of my goals for 2016 is to stick to a vegetarian diet (more on this later) and even though it has been difficult thus far, I have managed not only to cut out red meat from my meals but fish as well for nearly six months now! Just because you cannot see them does not mean that their legs don’t exist or that they aren’t working hard underneath those baggy pants! While summer is slowly approaching so will flatter stomachs with less definition around them…especially since Crossfitters work up a good sweat every single time they lace up their shoes at home each evening! When your body works so hard during workouts why should you deprive it of nice lean muscle? It also keeps your metabolism running stronger which makes it easier to maintain weight loss once you reach your desired goal weight. Most will agree that an athlete should be able “feel” their muscles working during times


how is the crossfit in midtown new york set up?


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