How Is It Working As A Crossfit Coach?

Kibler: They’ve got it right. I was so busy doing my life, making money, and enjoying myself that I didn’t take the time to spend with the people who were hanging around me for too long. When you dedicate yourself solely to one thing in life or into your profession, then something has got to give. You don’t get paid enough money. So when I understood that crossfit would be an investment of mine rather than a luxury, I started getting back in contact with friends who had become distant. And what’s great is that these are good memories now because they make me laugh. So when someone asks how it’s going, I tell them about this weird experience where we all formed an out-of-shape circle jerk but somehow ended up becoming much better humans together than ever before! It’s cool… its like this crazy collective little opportunity thingy!! Its not much at all… But Ill take it wherever it takes me!!!!

Who Is The Favorite In The Crossfit Games 2016?

That is a tough question for me. I think anyone could win the Crossfit Games 2016. The competitors this year are really strong and competitive, and they all love to compete and be in the spotlight. For some people, there’s only one workout that they can do better than anyone else, while others come into it with strengths that nobody else may have. I think any of these 23 athletes who get on podium will get the chance to say “I am the champion!” Obviously, we will see more of them throughout 2017 at Reebok CrossFit Games competitions around the world. Like this: Like Loading…

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how is it working as a crossfit coach?


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