How Heavy Wss The Pig In The Crossfit Games?


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10 weeks of CrossFit – 180kg dead, 105kg Bench press and 90kg Oly lifts. I had a 155 Kilo training session on Monday and will be going to do an additional two or three sessions as yes I can follow it up with lifting as well as my training.

So many people asking me ……… “how heavy was the monkey in the cross fit games”? …do they have donuts for breakfast? Never been so obsessed especially when I’m on holidays… Cost me a few years on a gym 🙂 You would think that there would be a flyer coming through the gates inviting people to join some new crazy craze that’s going to rock Mumbai at some point but no very different from what we have already seen!!!!! A trainer is telling you about being ripped and how he got huge ? Really??? How long did you train for before getting there? Good job champ! Now if only someone could suggest which diets are good for muscle gains rather than burning fat then India would be one step closer!!! Maybe you should go slowly into CrossFit like the Brits suggest.. Hard work over 10 weeks….then off you go to Wales doing your traditional fitness routine …..pffft…crossfit by crane etc …good luck!!

How To Add An Affiliate To Your Profile On The Crossfit Games?

How To Add A Crossfit Affiliate To Your Profile On The Crossfit Games? The CrossFit Games are the premiere annual competition for the CrossFit community. For 10 years, it has hosted men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to compete in individual events that test their fitness ability. This year, there will be 30 qualifying events before 8 top athletes go on Sunday March 3rd (taped broadcast on ESPN2) to battle for the title of “Fittest on Earth” at Madison Square Garden. Now you can follow these amazing athletes as they sweat through each event of this grueling competition! Here’s how to get started: Log Into your SnapChat account 1. Tap the camera icon 2. Next tap Add People 3. Scroll down or tap Search 4. Type “CrossFitgames” 5. Select one of the following people 6. Tap “Add” 7. Use your username 9 Below is a list of all 30 qualified athl

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how heavy wss the pig in the crossfit games?


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