How Heavy Are The Crossfit Games Heavy Ropes?

The CrossFit Games is a weightlifting competition in which athletes perform three events: The snatch, the clean and jerk, and the overhead squat. Weights are adjusted on the fly to accommodate positions moved during these exercises. According to its website, it’s “designed for athletes of all ages and fitness levels by helping them test their limits and achieve personal goals.” It started in 2007 in California and is now an international initiative with competitions around the world. Throughout each year of competition, there are four main regions that team will compete against one another in order to win cash prizes they can use toward continuing their training — they must also complete at least 15 hours of activities related to CrossFit such as community service or leading a study abroad program. In 2015 alone , more than 4 million people competed throughout 170 different countries making it one of the largest sports competitions.In light of this new drama surrounding him, I asked him how heavy he felt performing his workouts? He answered slyly:..Read More

What Jump Rope Was Used In The 2016 Crossfit Games?

The jump rope is used in the 2016 Crossfit games for all men and women of the Regionals, but not at Open or Regional days. The jumps are scaled down to 12 feet long so that they can be handled more easily by athletes with smaller hands. The throws are performed over a distance of around 10 feet rather than the usual 20 foot ropes achieved with standard jump ropes. The rope is thrown by hand which allows them to be thrown fast throughout the entire competition, no bending over necessary. Starting position can be adjusted depending on how you throw your rope allowing for people to start standing up instead of sitting back down again after they have thrown their rope! Similarly, they are trued each time before being used during competition allowing for consistent performance from athlete to athlete. How Is Jump Rope Used In The Games?

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how heavy are the crossfit games heavy ropes?


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