How Fast Can I Loose Weight With Crossfit?

Let’s assume you are good at what you do to keep your heart rate up, which is pushing it during workouts.

It is mostly the intense aerobic workout that burns fat out of our bodies. Is CrossFit marketing itself as an intense aerobic workout? If yes, then let me say this for sure- not many people can do it well enough to really benefit from it.

An intense aerobic workout is NOT crossfit. It does not rev up your metabolism and break down the glucose into energy the way crossfit does. You will burn maybe 3% of your calories if that in a cardio session like running or biking on a treadmill

Only those with very high fitness levels and excellent cardiovascular systems can benefit from crossfit workouts- they typically have good genetics for such performance anyways 🙂 Try doing CrossFit every day with all sorts of HIIT type exercises too and see how much easier it gets as you get more fit!

How Much Does A Crossfit Gym Cost To Open?

The basic rule of thumb is that it costs about $1000 to get your garage gym up and running, but the cost varies wildly depending on how much you want to spend. If you’re putting in a small amount of money compared to equipment, then ultimately the amount will vary according to your individual choice of equipment. Of course, this comes down to how much you can afford. If you have some spare cash lying around however, there are options available for more expensive builds which further maximize the potential of your garage gym. Let’s take a look at what you can do here:

The Shoes Preview

how fast can i loose weight with crossfit?


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