How Far Is Crossfit Pittsfield From The Cranwell Resort Lenox Ma?

The distance from CrossFit Pittsfield to the Cranwell resort in Lenox is 32.8 miles by road including a flight of 1,101 miles.

What time does crossfit pittsfield open?

We open 7 days a week for morning sessions between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. and for evening sessions between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m.. Individual workouts begin at their specific times on any given day so there’s no need to come early or stay late, unless you really want to! We’re flexible enough that we can start or stop based on demand at our discretion or when it is accepted by our coaches. Learn more about Early Entry here »

What Are The Wod For The Reykjavik Crossfit Championships?

WOD 8.2 (2019) “Hang Snatch (HS)” oac May 30, 2019 – 3 Sets of 15 + 10 second rests between sets, for a total of 12 minutes of work divided into the following three “rounds”: Round 1: 30 seconds on /30 seconds off x 6 rounds; Round 2: 30 seconds on /30 seconds off x 6 rounds; Round 3: 60 seconds on /60 seconds off x 2 rounds then back to the original work/rest ratios where you started Round 4: same as round one but using your heaviest snatch attempt for this set, depending on how many reps you hit in one round will determine what weight you used for all subsequent sets of that particular exercise or multiple exercises. Work at 85-95% effort until failure What Equipment Do I Need To Do The Wod In Reykjavik? Headphones & Music – For those who want to power through the workout and those who need it to keep their eyes focused. Workout music can be anything from motivational anthems to slow-tempo hip-hop songs. It largely varies from person to person and the type of music they enjoy listening too. If these options are not available, a playlist with a variety of songs is acceptable as well after 18 hours have passed since leaving the gym. A phone or MP3 player charging dock can also be used if needed as long as it is plugged in and online during class!

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how far is crossfit pittsfield from the cranwell resort lenox ma?


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