How Do You Share On Fb That You Signed Up For The Crossfit Open?

1. If it’s the competition you need to announce that on Facebook and Twitter on the day of and before and after classes and group workouts (and also during class if possible). For example: or . You can also post something like this on those social networks: “I’m competing in the CrossFit Open! There will be a meetup tomorrow (Wednesday) at practice for people who want to workout together as part of Team Viki (or whatever team name – use my team name – KIND – just head over – CFOpenVikiTeamKIND is live!) I will definitely try to exercise with you if I have time, otherwise I might come by again tomorrow morning after a workout or maybe Saturday around noon? Or another time? Either way,”

2. If you sign up for an event / qualifier hosted by one gym so they can enter more people, do the same thing but also link your facebook page with their page so everyone knows about it around town whether there is a meetup or not- so www.crossfitclubeckhamptonfallsnnyc . . . www

3. If you are going somewhere with alot of other people from the same Gym or Club then organize a few groups that say “Join us at X Gym Y Time Z

How Much Do Teams Win At Crossfit Games?

The 2017 Crossfit Games are underway, with an estimated 1,400 athletes from over 70 countries competing in the Open competition this week. Crossfit founder Greg Glassman originally scheduled for the 2016 Crossfit Games to be contested in Madison Square Garden with 16 men and 16 women competing. However, he made a deal with former UFC Welterweight Champion Chuck Liddell that allowed the co-head coaches of Team OpTic Nation to participate with their OpTic Gaming team. Due to the popularity of Spartans on their team, OpTic became one of four teams qualifying for The Island (aka The Final Four) at 18th overall. However it is their fourth straight year as finalists in The CrossFit Games at NorCal Regionals where most teams are decided upon before making it into regionals if they wish to qualify for The CrossFit Games. CrossFit Allstars Head Coach Dave Castro has put together some very impressive performances by his squads since 2012, but they do not have the star power that other top teams bring to competition like last year’s or this year’s DeathRow or Frenzy CF 17th place finish reminds me more than ever why Paul Bowerman created “Fittest On Earth” contests all those years ago! A countless number of world records have been broken across all sport strength sports by thousands of strongmen and women who competed every day leading up until the end time (and sometimes even after).

The Fittest

how do you share on fb that you signed up for the crossfit open?


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