How Do You Secure Your Crossfit Climbing Ropes?

The answer is pretty simple: you either don’t or you use a rope hitch, which is basically just a loop that connects the two ropes together.

As long as your knots are tight and secure, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if they aren’t—or if your knot size isn’t correct—you can put yourself at risk by leaving yourself open to rope burn. A cut-free rope means nothing when it comes time to undo and remove the ring from the wall. Your climbing ropes need to be securely tied so that no heat can escape through them, but if your knot size isn’t right or isn’t tight enough then you could end up with some serious rope burn from proper strain on the fibers of your climbing rope. In fact, one of my friends has lost count of how many times he’s been burned trying to reverse his grip on a handjam because his hand got stuck in his knot or he had not properly secured himself with a good standby knot before going for it! Super hot! The solution? At least for climbing purposes anyways…use a gear hauling device like Petzl’s Graillertube. It’s designed specifically for dynamic single pitch rappels and yet somehow still works just as well for pulling on those old school crossfit finger cracks as well as any other logistically free climb out there…Larger Diameter Rope Hits Bigger Climbing Ropes Larger diameter ropes do seem

How To Go From Beginner Crossfit To Regionals?

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how do you secure your crossfit climbing ropes?


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