How Do You Prep A Tire For Crossfit?

I think it’s fair to say that the name of this site pretty much says it all; we’re here to help you train hard, and we’re not gonna lie, sometimes that means training on your bike. But as important as cycling is for a proper CrossFit workout—after all, you’ll need to do some aerobic work to get there—you can always do more.


That’s why Darren Baker, owner of Pro Bikes Scottsdale (better known as PB) in Scottsdale AZ has come up with his own unique way of taking an indoor ride without swapping out bikes or working on time management (oh yeah, he also teaches fitness classes). His idea? To compress multiple drills into one single ride so that the whole thing runs just 10 minutes instead of 30+. Basically what he does is shorten each minute interval by 5 seconds so that everything will take about 37-40 seconds during the actual ride. If you thought this was insane before seeing it in action, wait until you see how this helps recovery…

Why Am I Still Out Of Breath During Crossfit?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 1. More muscle mass = more oxygen demand on a consistent basis. For example, a 160 pound person with chest and tricep muscles will have around two times as much muscle as a 110 pound person (and they carry that heavier body weight almost entirely with their chest and triceps). A 140 pound guy has around one and half times the amount of muscle as an 80-90 pound girl (who is probably less than 10% muscle mass). A 230 pound man has around half again as much muscle mass as an 85-95 pound woman (she may be very lean – but it ain’t muscular). All this means is the guy at the gym who looks like he can squat 500 pounds and deadlift 400 might actually be able to lift those weights for another 5 minutes or 20 reps, but he has only about 50% of his “10 reps per set” strength compared to someone pushing 220 pounds. So next time you see those guys, don’t compare yourself to them – instead ask yourself how many reps they think they can do at your current level of fitness…hey it could save you some gas…or your lungs!

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how do you prep a tire for crossfit?


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