How Do You Get Into The Crossfit Games?

Crossfit is a community of gyms or affiliate boxes who welcome all levels of experience. You do not need to be training for your next competition, but everyone in the box is there for one thing: to better themselves at their sport through hard work and camaraderie! That’s right; they call it “fun” in the community. So you can start with them, or find one in your area. It’s free (and encouraged), and once you’re hooked on the camaraderie (and swag!) that comes with it, you’ll want to keep coming back so you don’t miss it!

CrossFit began as a solution to competitive athletes looking for something different between exhibition sports competitions at the Olympic Games where they could qualify for international competition without sacrificing training time required by other styles of workout preparation. The original founders believed that practicing WODs would help them break records, get into peak shape, & socialize/support each other even before CrossFit was named “CrossFit” at the 2004 Games Open.[23] For class participants with health conditions their fitness professionals would determine if CrossFit training was suitable for them.[24] Since 2001, CrossFit has been sanctioned by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA).[25] Autonomy is exercised through CrossFit’s open individual membership which determines eligibility based on level of injury and risk of harm.[26][27][28]

2019 Crossfit Open – How Many Move On?

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how do you get into the crossfit games?


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