How Do You Count One Legged Squats In Crossfit?

03:00, December 26, 2012 (UTC)

Well a regular squat is a squat with your feet together. A two-footed one you can do them on either side. –T Wrecan 02:57, January 8, 2013 (UTC) Also you can’t really count this in Crossfit because it is done with a barbell but I’m sure you could work up to that if you trained the max amount of reps every other day for 3 months

I’d like to add in my own word “Frogstand”. This isn’t in any of the articles yet and it would be extremely easy to do or make a picture for along with this or about it. The way I see it I’ve always thought standing on one leg at full height while holding a heavy object such as an iron bar over your head looked like the stance of the frog stand where they move their hips back and forth which looks just like what we’re talking about here! So how does everyone else feel about adding Frogstand into our article? 04:50, November 20, 2011 (UTC) –Naugrim 08:12 2/19/2012

I think this needs more attention than we can currently give it. From what I read from Wikipedia there is no official name and it’s only used by bodybuilders and beach boys so far…how did you find out about it? GrafittiDirty Haaar 04:58, November 20 2011

Adidas Magazine What Crossfit Taught Me About My Female Self-Perception?

by Joyce Booher I want to be clear at the outset that I have no problem with Crossfit. I made the decision several years ago that it was not for me, despite numerous segments on The Today Show touting how amazing it is. After all, what other sport involves dragging your body around a yard, in an organized fashion? So what if you’re not doing pull-ups because you cannot master this odd-looking humans’ game? But when it comes to my weight and fitness goals (I am five feet tall!), there is one thing Crossfit does not seem to address—women’s size issues. Rebecca Sperry My Nutritionist Didn’t Hire Me Because She Felt Bad for Me by Tara Parker-Pope

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how do you count one legged squats in crossfit?


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