How Do They Score The Festivus Games, Crossfit?

That is such a good show.

– Do only the best people get hired for ‘Empire?’ I call bullshit! If they are so good, why didn’t they get the lead role on the first episode? How come there are no beautiful women anywhere in season one or two? Or part 3 of season 1 where Jamal walked around all day being himself … what was his name again oh yea Freeform.

– Am I correct to say that Serena Williams should have been hired as a guest star on Empire related to her current run at Wimbledon? She should have just flown up for an hour long cameo where she got couch time with Lucious to talk about being black and female in Hollywood compared to past men who tried it. Lucious would demand everyone take notes because he would be talking for hours on end about how false narratives can make us crazy. He also probably would go into detail about Venus Williams only having little sisters because she likes white boys too lol. The camera crew could have taken footage of him doing these things, then cut back to her saying something like, “I’m not sexy yet lmao someone please hire me” before walking off stage leaving Lucious alone to deliver another emotional monologue aka speech . You know there were script writers that thought this up 4 times lol #waveyhands #SaluteIloveyou

How Do I Set Up A Crossfit Website?

You have two options for setting up a Crossfit website. You can either have it hosted by us, or you can choose to setup your own website. Either way, either option is very simple and straight forward. The only difference between the both of these options is that when you use Crossfit Next Level to build your own Crossfit website, we will do the work for you and provide you with absolutely everything that is needed in order to make sure it works perfectly! We’ll make sure all of the common issues are located and fixed in certain browsers (IE 11), allow your users to sign in seamlessly across multiple web platforms (Google Analytics) and more!


how do they score the festivus games, crossfit?


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