How Do They Score 1Rm Snatch Crossfit Games?

It’s not about how fast it is, it’s about the quality of the reps completed. The reason I am asking this question, is because of what Scott Sonnon has to say below.. Great post, Scott! Haha! Great post, Scott! Haha!

If you watched any of my masters videos then you know it takes me 2-3mins recovered to snatch up power snatch of 80%. If I am fresh I can do 75-80% its amazing eh? If I are tired or don’t have adequate recovery for new Rx on RDL’s or something else I will struggle at less than half that number or lower. Trying to rush heavy weights up with poor technique isn’t going to work well either. It just won’t go well and your risk taking over run into pain that is completely avoidable if you learn proper technique.”Focus on quality.” Quality always comes at a price usually in form of time but more importantly your body needs recovery now so time which has been spent thinking about what could be better next week can now be spent focusing on getting better today now!”You need perfect technical execution with minimal physical effort.” Most people think they can do two things at once… they aren’t actually doing them both properly they are using mental energy instead which costs you both time (mental fatigue) and often produces suboptimal results (e.g heavy strength gains).

How Is Lauren Fisher Doing In The Crossfit Games?

Lauren Fisher is arguably the most famous athlete in CrossFit and even has her own workout routine on YouTube. All this without actually having completed a single Open! She’s been the subject of constant disappointment from fans, but what would you expect when she can’t participate in an event herself? She might want to put that away for now though because she looks like she’s got her head in the game at Rio 2016. The first athlete home after 18 long, hard months of competition is…. Lauren Fisher! #Rio2016 — US Olympic Team (@TeamUSA) August 14, 2016 4 . Jason Khalipa (Willie) – USA

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how do they score 1rm snatch crossfit games?


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