How Do They Compare Crossfit To The Seven Laws Of Training?

i’m one of those types who will gladly, and without shame, admit I’ve been loving my life as a stopwatch. it can be hard to find good workouts for those with limited mobility by seeing how the crossfit community measures success at a given workout. this just completely undermines their aversion to medicating people with ibuprofen. rather than referring to it as “the law of training” , perhaps you just refer to it as “the law of strict proportionality” or something similar because you consider ‘excess’ hugely important for performance. i don’t want to know what happens in your gym when you refuse “excess” because that sounds like kryptonite for order from least problematic (least obvious) to most problematic (most obvious):1) decide which lift is going up2) measure the amount you’re pulling3) note how much bar goes over 5#4th assume if anything less than 90% +5″ is not enough – then go below 90% –remember – this maximizes maximalism – not steady state effort or aerobic endurance5th assume that 90% plus is simply too little weight and cut back6th remember # 4is maximum so increase # 4by 5lbs instead 7th measure again8th call up dt/pt and ask what they think9th repeat step 8while following program-may vary sometime strain



When Crossfit Says 42 Kettlebells Swings, Is It Per Arm Or Total?

What happened last night? The world didn’t end. But did it feel anything like a mystical alien invasion? 40-45 minutes of being moderately sore this morning is not the best indicator that the world ended, but it does mean something! Last night was boxercise capped off with 25 swings for me and another swing/dip combo for Ben. Both moves were pretty easy by the time we finished. We both left feeling really good about our progress from yesterday morning. Our swings seemed much harder than they had been earlier in the week. I have no idea what changed, but I felt one arm overbearing while holding a barbell to complete a pushup early yesterday afternoon—and still do today! Why did this happen? What has changed in my body during this program to make swinging things hard all of a sudden while keeping them easy at other times? If someone could explain that, I would love to know because there are no answers here! In any case, Ben was super excited to get back into his P90X work outs after lunch—which will take place tomorrow! This late boxercise session made me happy because I got to take advantage of some free time until he gets back into his workout routine again (he usually gets home around 5 p.m.) And though I’ll miss him doing workouts with me tonight (I can’t wait for him to lose 50 pounds!), he told me he would be getting right on what

Top 5 Best Shoes for Crossfit and Running Reviews with a Buying Guide

how do they compare crossfit to the seven laws of training?


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