How Do The Gays Feel About Crossfit??

The short answer is: they don’t like it.

But the real question is: why? Is there a hidden bodybuilding bias within fitness that we take for granted, but for which the gay community should pay an extra tax to subscribe to a facility with LGBT-inclusive programming and staff? Or are gays actually more “fit” than men in general? Are they just really good at hiding it well? Or could it be something simpler – a matter of taste? Whatever the reason may be, gays don’t seem to like CrossFit very much. In fact, according to The New York Times reporter Jim Downs, “CrossFit has been accused … of being bigoted against people who identify themselves as gay.”[1] One reader wrote below my article on CrossFit discussing issues regarding diversity and inclusion, telling me about their experience there in a negative light:

I went to one of these gyms when I was in college—a couple years ago now. When I arrived there were two young guys working out during open gym hours doing some kind of workout based around Olympic lifting/pushups/etc., & I noticed they were wearing matching boxershorts under their shorts (I looked for any other signs that might indicate gay sexuality but came up empty), so I asked them what exactly they did when there wasn’t someone else around using machines or weights etc… They said basically every day from 9am until 4pm

How To Switch Out Your Workout Routine Without Having To Pay For Crossfit??

Heres How Step 1- For each of the three days, for a 12 hour period, you simply do a routine with no rest between exercises. It can be done on any day(s) you wish. Step 2 – If there is a time when you feel tired (after having done these workouts properly),you could take 5 or 10 minutes break before continuing. This will make sure your body is not overworked by doing multiple exercises in quick succession, and will ensure that you get more out of it. Step 3- Do NOT use the same types of movements that are used at Crossfit (barbell squats or deadlifts) to complete the other two days’ routines! These other moves require greater body weight work than barbell squats and deadlifts do. So dont try to rush through these other moves; take them gently and slowly through your routine!

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how do the gays feel about crossfit??


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