How Do Teams Quaifie For The Crossfit Regionals?

I’m curious how many clans are in the country with active people, teams, athletes?

CrossFit HQ has produced a list of sanctioned Regional Events in 2017. The list is available at as well as here: If you’ve registered for an event listed above, you can watch it live by logging on to from the start date of the full Open to see a Main Event schedule and score updates for that particular event beginning January 18th at 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT / 1am GMT Find out more information about each individual event by visiting their respective websites below:

Where To Buy Hand Me Down Crossfit Weights?

I’m not sure where to buy hand me downs, but you should always steer clear of weight equipment employees. If they’ve been weighing the same weights for years, don’t expect them to know what size is going to fit your body or that a pound-for-pound increase in weight will have a significant effect on your deadlift. Again, just because it has a label saying “hand me down” doesn’t mean it will be an accurate match for your current needs. Look at it this way: if you steal from someone else and get caught, does justice need to catch up with you? Most likely not….but I guess if it did then wouldn’t we want justice? In all seriousness I think so….because catching the guy who stole from us would be much better than getting busted by our own rack pulling neighbor…lol!

The Best Dumbbell Chest Workouts for Beginners, Strength, and More

how do teams quaifie for the crossfit regionals?


! Do you really need a dumbbell? I mean, aren’t dumbbells just plain old rectangular bars with weight plates on them? Is there any other exercise that can be done without them? Keep reading for more of the answers to these and other common questions. You may have heard of upper body strengthening exercises without having to use your own body as resistance. This is mostly due to how people perceive dumbbells vs. barbells, as well as older people who do not respond well to heavy weights on their wrists or necks. However, if you’re serious about working out—or even looking for a way to improve strength and muscle tone in your chest, shoulders, triceps muscles and bicep muscles—it’s worth investing in a pair of adjustable-weight dumbbells now. They can certainly be used by anyone from beginners or those new to weight training all the way up through advanced athletes looking for different variations on traditional lifts such as bench press and overhead presses. Depending on whether they are being used alone or paired with elbow straps it may also be possible for some users to complete some upper body workouts entirely free lifting! Why Dumbbell Chest Workouts Are Recommended For Beginners And More Advanced Users Let’s take a look at why using adjustable-weight equipment is so advantageous when starting an exercise program: Adjustable Weight – it means you don’t have to buy another set