How Do Scores Get Submitted For The Crossfit Open??

The scores are now submitted electronically. At the end of the workout, athletes turn in their paper score sheets and they will be converted to an online score immediately. The 60-second (30 seconds for each form) time limit and “pushing” limits eliminate electronic timing errors and make this safe and efficient. This is a significant change from before when we would manually load times into programming systems and do manual entry of scores at the end of each workout.

5 – How does re-entry work? Can I play through a previous WOD if I missed it? Or can I just continue playing through today’s WOD? How many times can I log my score back into the system?!?!

Re-entries: When you sign up for a race you enter your training information so we know who is doing what and how they train. But it wouldn’t be fair to double- or triple-up on reps – we need to use that information so we understand how isolated effects, fatigue, etc., impact an athlete’s results without unfairly impacting other athletes on their way towards personal records that deserve recognition as well. So as with any software improvement, some issues come with some new bugs too! As long as you keep those rules of thumb in mind – don’t double up two females on one rep, don’t jump 3 women up on 1 rep! And always crosscheck your first rep against everyone else

Which Crossfit Athletes Are In The Mid Atlantic Region?

CrossFit Mid Atlantic is comprised of four “founding” regions; New York, Boston, Delaware Valley (Philadelphia), and Philly Metro. The Mid Atlantic Region has grown quickly since it’s inception in 2011 because of the friendly atmosphere. Not only are all CrossFit gyms owned by their affiliates (meaning they have full control over their affiliate), our Affiliates are paid members who have access to evaluate & coach local teams as well as set goals for the athletes. Because of this non-profit partnership between Affiliates and Gyms, your team will not feel any discrimination or pressure to play/train at a certain gym just because you are being paid to go there. During registration, athletes are asked if they would like to formally commit themselves to an affiliated gym. This decision can be rescinded at anytime during your membership period with no penalty or fees applied against the membership fee that was already paid upon enrollment.


how do scores get submitted for the crossfit open??

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