How Do People Eat 4K Calories During Crossfit?

In a recent study cited in the American Journal of Physiology, researchers found that in subjects who cycled for 60 minutes in two sessions at 70 percent intensity for 45 minutes between meals, they burned just over 4k calories. However, when the researchers looked into how much energy was expended to complete each workout session compared to resting or sleeping time, they discovered that training at this intensity burned around 3k calories per hour when resting and approximately 6.5k when sleeping. They also determined that there wasn’t much time required to do so! And when people take 30-minute breaks every 2 hours during our CrossFit WODs or 40+ minute bike rides after work or school (and before dinner), we’re probably burning about 8-10x more than the amount of calories listed above! Consider it your suppertime RACERIDE! Photo by @spencerfoster #Raceride

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How Many Years Does It Take To Make It To The Crossfit Games?

CrossFit athletes typically take 4-5 years to develop their game, so it’s unrealistic to think that you can do CrossFit on the spot. Take note of some things that will help you progress faster: strong scapular muscles (shoulder blades), thick ankles, great mobility, and massive improvement in cardio (cardio is one of the most important aspects of any workout.) It’s also worth mentioning that time under tension is very important. That means slow tempos for almost all exercises; if not every exercise has a super slow tempo, I recommend at least 1 minute for max reps throughout all WODs. Work on your “work rate” as well; make sure you are working hard enough but not pushing yourself beyond exhaustion.


how do people eat 4k calories during crossfit?


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