How Do Me And Women Compare In Crossfit 2017?

CrossFit, or “Hell Squad” and 8 and a Half Weeks has been the subject of so much debate in recent months, I decided it would be fun to share my own personal observations on how women compare in CrossFit. Whether you believe that cross-fit is only for men when it comes to strength training or that many good female strength athletes do exist…Keep reading to learn more! (But first check out my new book: Reaching Your Peak!)

For those of you who may not know me, I’m really glad we can finally have this conversation openly in public today. Last year, ESPN released a special with Katie Hogan — the top female Olympic weightlifter and commentator (she won gold in 2004 and 2008). At one point in the program, she made an observation about the difference between men’s powerlifters versus women’s powerlifters…and according to her version of events had been putting together some research on what had been going on with us girls over at WODFITES …but had yet to really get into writing anything down or publishing her findings. In Katie Hogan-speak…the truth was more interesting than any spin they could put up because there was SO MUCH MORE UNDER THE SURFACE being covered up by both genders of lifters!!

Katie spent a lot of time trying to explain why there were so few females competing compared to males, but she did eventually declare that while women

How Often Should I Do Crossfit To See Results?

The answer here is twofold. First, the amount of workouts you do will depend on your fitness and goals. If you’re new to Crossfit and want to learn the movements and progress with a healthy level of soreness (no pain no gain), then we recommend that you start with 3 classes per week 2-3 times per week. This will allow for 5-6 workouts during the week for those who practice consistently during the week. However, if you’re advanced in strength, intensity and work capacity than 2-3 classes per day is all that’s required for advancement as well as bodyweight components such as fat loss or muscle gaining. For more advanced athletes or those looking to find their limit within a particular exercise we usually perform 4 workouts per week along with some extra mobility drills and technique work after each workout session and/or during off days Note: We strongly recommend that everyone use consistency when training – not just training harder – they key phrase here is “consistency” – meaning doing what works best for you according to your goals! So don’t be afraid of making adjustments as needed if one method isn’t working out as desired over time…just make sure those changes fit into your overall long term plan!


how do me and women compare in crossfit 2017?


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