How Do Masters Get To The Crossfit Games?

do they pay people to do the work for them?

why are men allowed in these games but not women? is it because the only thing they want you to see is their bodies getting fucked up? or is there some other reason? little girls have been in sports in high school since forever, why are boys being held back in this sport with so many obstacles to overcome when no one else seems to mind that girls play sports in high school.

little girl just want to get dirty. dont care if i win or lose. just wanna try something different. im tired of being the filthy ugly duckling, im gonna be a sexy swan!

Crossfit Football Just Tell Me What To Eat?

In a piece for The Independent, nutritionist Kat Arney set out to find out what the top players do best. “I think the most interesting thing I found was that a lot of these professional athletes – many of whom run marathons and bike thousands of miles a week – don’t eat meat at all,” she writes. “Protein is key to recovery and I wondered if elite athletes could rely on plant proteins to fuel their workouts as well as animal protein… They told me they didn’t need meat because they already had plenty of protein in their diet from foods such as vegetables, eggs, pulses and beans. They told me that eating meat often caused stomach troubles or left them feeling tired.” The study focused on those players who compete in contact sports: rugby union, American football and association football (aka soccer) — you know: violent sports with muscle-building potentials! Because this stuff matters. Arney asked them about their diets — so we can learn how much protein we should be eating — along with whether or not they ate chicken before competitions (because past performance = future results). She also quizzed them about what snacks they like, since easy pre-game meals will help keep us full during intense games! So let’s hop into five interesting takeaways from her survey:

Will CrossFit Mayhem Repeat as Champs with 3 New Team Members? – YouTube

how do masters get to the crossfit games?


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