How Do I Set Up A Crossfit Website?

Crossfit “no pain, no gain” is a movement where you can probably compare it to something like parkour and acrobatic gymnastics. But these exercises and the training method that they follow focus more on the feeling of working out than setting new records any time soon. Crossfit founder Greg Glassman was inspired by both Parkour and gymnastics while he worked as a professional trainer for elite skiers in Colorado between 1995 and 2002 (he became an Olympic coach three years after). The name “Crossfit” actually relates back to his life during this time; when Glassman decided one day, while skiing in Tignes, France, to go all-out on a run down the mountain: “This workout calls for cross-country skiing,” he told himself (Glassman 2007). He realized afterwords that what he did was not unlike being fit enough to perform ‘the” real thing.” It seemed appropriate then for him to simply call his exercise regimen “cross-country skiing”. In fact, I dare say that it’s close enough that most people would never remember just how many layers of meaning lay behind the term’s pronunciation. Or so goes my theory. These days it stands behind…well…whatever you have going on!

How To Program Crossfit For 2 Workouts A Day?

Some people have been asking me to post about how I organize crossfit for baseball, football, or basketball. The answer is simple…I don’t. I do program 2 workouts a day, just not all 3 sports. In football, we put out 2 programs per week – one based on speed work and the other based on power lifts to help us reach our maximum potential as a team each season! We have a great coach who manages what he can manage and lets his athletes follow suit through good practices and smart nutrition. That being said – if you want to limit your training time then all the more reason to get two days in a row of high volume work with enough rest in between! You can lose weeks worth of time doing twice the volume on only half the number of days! So get creative here by making 2 sport specific day based workouts out of 1 sport day workout 🙂


how do i set up a crossfit website?


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