How Do I See How I Did On The Past Crossfit Open Workouts?

nicole: on mobile devices go to and enter your email address in the white box at the bottom of the page, then scroll down and click on your name. under personal information you can see all of your workouts and how you did on each one!

lindsay: what do you like best about CF? (other than working out of course.)

nicole: i would say my new family is doing this while we pack up our lives here. while we are traveling i get to talk to others about cross fit quite a bit actually!! my husband uses it for strength work before competitions- he always says they have been more successful in helping him with swimming since being a cross fitter!!! 🙂 also, being here is great because it gives my husband an opportunity to pursue his goal of competing at state in powerlifting AND my daughters have found a great sense of community thru cross fit! they love going over there after school 🙂 they absolutely love their coaches :)(did they tell you that???(more info) also most people don’t think it’s right that my girls are doing fitness classes so young but when lindsay started I asked if she could stay home with me during school breaks and she loved her band class *sigh* thank goodness she was athletic enough for rec sports….and now here we are 🙂

This Is What Happens When You Try Crossfit For Two Months?

by Kristen Eldred. If you’ve ever wanted to try Crossfit, but have been scared by the idea of being yelled at by a trainer who doesn’t even know you, this is the perfect story for you. It also happens to be completely true, making it all the more remarkable. is one of those rare books that both forces you into introspection about your own life as well as puts you in the middle of another person’s life. By doing so it makes you feel like everything is laid bare on display for everyone else to judge and scrutinize without really knowing any of the details. This book gives off a frigid surface look to everything and yet we’re still able to see what’s behind that cold facade (similarily how we often don’t understand people and their motivations). Because of its hybrid nature I’d recommend this book not just for people who want help finding themselves, but also people who want insight into relationships, family dynamics… pretty much anything relationships- related.

10 Best CrossFit Shoes For Running | Prime Fitness Guide

how do i see how i did on the past crossfit open workouts?


? In the world of CrossFit athletes, it’s no secret that a strong pair or running shoes can make or break your performance in WODs and workouts! With so many options to choose … 10 Best Sneakers for an Injury Free Run | Runner’s World ? It’s important to find the right sneaker for you, because any slight discomfort during your run could be enough to ruin your entire … What To Expect From Your First Tens Unit ? Entice rehab has great resources for people with tendon injuries – 27 pages of excellent information on foot structure, knee anatomy, insertion locations of fasci… Great Stuff !