How Deep Is The Prize Money At The Crossfit Games?

The moment the pull up bar wraps around your chest it knows that you’ve finally arrived. You can feel that adrenaline rush in your bloodstream because you know the day is at hand when you will be able to take on anyone in Crossfit who wants to contest your pride for supremacy. That’s what I was feeling this year at Seminar week, and it felt awesome!

After all of this time Seminar Week 2014 has come and passed, I think everyone has had enough time to digest the scores, stats and comments (in round 1) posted by our fellow competitors. So without further ado lets see where we ended up….


What Does Level 1 Crossfit Teach Ou??

Crossfit, the most popular of a spate of international “fitness-movement” developments that have swept through America over the last two years, is based on a single precept: If you can do it, do it. According to an article in Fitness magazine last year, “there are no rules,” only coachable progress from one level to the next. Many statements made by trainers and members of Crossfit gyms shock the uninitiated fitness buff. In some instances these statements reveal that little cross-cultural knowledge is behind their workouts and dieting practices; however in most cases they reveal that very little logical or scientific thought processes come into play either when making up workout plans (or personal training regimens) for humans and in gauging what constitutes a good exercise regimen for fitness enthusiasts. It appears that CrossFit coaches rely on anecdotal evidence more than empirical observations when designing workout routines and nutritional recommendations for clients; at best this indicates an inability to marshal even basic quantitative data.


how deep is the prize money at the crossfit games?


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