How D Othey Record The Times Of The Crossfit Games?

For obvious reasons that you will understand after watching the video – the logbook of the Crossfit games is a closely guarded secret due to its value as a source of valuable statistics. In addition, the accuracy required by the organisers means they really need to make it harder than any other similar event anywhere else in order for it to be valid. The most reliable witness may only check out your times with equipment loaned from one of their friends working on site.

On top of this, officials must see and approve all attempts and weightlifting attempts at each different venue where testing takes place:

This makes for some very inconsistent records if we’re honest. Every official, however well intentioned they may be, has an incentive to bend things just a little bit which often results in them doing more than merely scratching down what occurred…they’ll actually try and manipulate those events! And as their methods are usually kept secret they themselves generally don’t realise it either! This news article sums up why so many people believe set weights how they do:

Where Is Crossfit Festivus Going To Be In Rocklin, Ca?

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how d othey record the times of the crossfit games?


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