How Can I Watch The Crossfit Games??

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I’ve been thinking about what I have learned from the last several years of doing CrossFit. Here’s a list of things that really stick out for me:

1)If you go into ANYTHING with a “plan” it kills your competitive drive and ruins your readiness to learn new skills on-the-fly. This might discourage some people who want to do workouts exactly as described, but it doesn’t hinder those who enjoy constant change and variation in their training. In fact, it is said that variety is the spice of life! Experimenting with different exercises every day is great for keeping your mind stimulated and challenging yourself, but make sure you leave room for mistakes as well as learning from them. Don’t try to always pick the “perfect plan”. You will be cranky all day! Choose a workout strategy suited to YOU and stick with it no matter how bad it may feel on the first attempt. If you need to resort back to old favorites after a few days because they feel natural again then so be it – just ensure that they are still strong enough yet low enough volume to allow relatively quick progress even though they aren’t perfect by any means (read: an assistance exercise).

2)Set short term goals just like everything else in life – small milestones give us something tangible we can work towards! When lifting heavy weights try not only focusing immediately on maximum force production but also aim for

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My experience at Westside has been by far the best I have ever had. The workouts are always different and it is fun to always see different changes from week to week. Unlike other gyms where everything seems the same, you’re more inclined to leave after a few months because nothing appeals to you anymore. Any gym that keeps their clients committed by making them workout each day needs a spot on my list of top gyms. If your looking for results then this is the place for you!! Another issue with traditional bulking diets is that many participants will inadvertently limit their protein intake because they don’t understand how much protein their anatomy actually needs (atsuo 2008). This can subsequently lead to various amino acid deficiencies causing further weakness and/or imbalances in those areas wishing to gain mass. To avoid these situations, some bodybuilders opt for high-protein ketogenic diets or a cyclic ketogenic diet (see Figure 1). A variant of the classic ketogenic diet is a daily first meal of 4–5 ounces of 75–90% fat, 5–10 grams of carbohydrates and 10–15 grams of protein. The proteins being consumed should include all Kendall’s recommendations as well as limited quantities of lean meats such as chicken, turkey or salmon but no red meat (the exception would be yellowfin tuna which may be supplemented up to 3 times per week). An additional problem associated with very low carbohydrate diets is hyperinsulinemia; this occurs

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how can i watch the crossfit games??


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