How Can I Watch The Crossfit Games Live?

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var url = window.location.href; if (url != null) { var currentTime = null; var numGamesAvailable = 1; if (!window.crossfitGamesAvailable) dataLayer[‘crossfit_waiting_list’] = []; for(var key in dataLayer) { var value = JSON.parse(dataLayer[key]); function getGames() { numberOfMatchesAvailabe += Math.floor((NumberOfMatchesAVailabe / NumberOfEventsPerStanza * numGamesAvailable)); if (numberOfMatchesAvailabe == 0) return value || value && value[1] ? 2 : 4; else totalTimeRemaining += currentTime – promiseStartDate + Math.floor((getGames().totalTimeRemaining/1000); finishDifferenceDaterrainContext(); } alert(‘Check back soon as we will continue to update this list as more Games are announced.’); setTimeout(function(){ finishDifferenceDaterrainContext(); },20000); } handleSocketReceivedMessage(new SocketMessageEventArgs(‘socketType’ + ‘:port’, url)); } else consoleError(“No connection to CrossFit Games API”); return true; };

When Are The 2016 Crossfit Games Going To Be Aired?

ESPN has announced that at 10:45 am Pacific on Tuesday August 4, 2016 the 2016 Crossfit Games will be aired by both ESPN and ABC. Even though it’s not technically a premiere event of the Crossfit Games, this is sort of like the Olympics for Crossfitters. Everyone who doesn’t stream or watch ESPN wants to tune in just to see what happened. Hence why I said that this was sort of the “Olympics” for them in my article last year. The bottom line is that people are excited! And in addition to live streaming all four days in addition to being recorded, fans can also watch previous years on demand later when they are available! You can learn more about when previous years were recorded by clicking here so you don’t have to wait until they are released later this year! Can I Get Tickets To The 2016 Crossfit Games? If you weren’t able to get tickets then at least you can still get virtual ones right here! Follow this link and choose either Day 1 or 2, 3 or 4 however you’d like your ticket(s) to look similar!!! They only cost $15 if you order online!! What Are The Odds Of Winning The 2016 All-Stars Championship?


how can i watch the crossfit games live?


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