How Can I See My Previous Crossfit Open Scores?

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General :: How To See My Current WOD Score? Feb 28, 2013

How do you go see your current week’s scores (if anyone ever has them) ?

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I’ve been using the Garmin Forerunner 235 for a while now and have used it in place of a watch. Love getting daily activity tracking records rather than just having to compare splits from different workouts. However the battery life is poor so I took it off until I can get something better able to keep track of my runs without eating through the GP side of the Watch at an alarming rate… otherwise its pretty great for other things like tracking your calories burned during other workouts if you use that as a secondary work out tracker or for walking/running distances on road trips.

After checking around online I noticed that many people rave about HRM watches but mention they can’t get past any sort of connection troubles with their computers and don’t want anything that requires an app download unless its a specific one they know will work without issues or seem useless when trying to find settings or disconnect from WiFi hotspots etc.. which made me think

Why Do I Feel Queasy After Rowing At Crossfit?

Rowing machines and all other rowing or crossfit equipment can cause nausea and queasiness. This is often the result of overworking your core musculature for extended periods of time, don’t expect to be immune from feeling this way if you regularly row too vigorously on a rowing machine. Since strength training is such a physically demanding endeavor, it may take some time before you’re able to row at optimal efficiency again after taking the time off to recover from your workout. If you notice that you feel nauseous afterward your body needs a little more rest in order to replenish energy stores that were depleted during the previous workout to ensure maximum performance in future workouts.

Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet

how can i see my previous crossfit open scores?


I often get asked for recommendations for Cross Training Shoes. This is an area I actually have a good insider’s knowledge on because I used to be an avid user of them too. When it comes to cross training, there are two different models of shoes that typically work the best with any level of flat/overpronated feet: The “Overpronator” and the “Flat Footed Overpronator” model. When you can fall into one or both categories, these were my top choices hands down… wear the correct shoe models described below will solve all your overpronation woes! Best Overpronators = Superior Shoes (and Side Stretching) Image via Nike website If you feel like you roll inward on each step when running, then these shoes are perfect for you. These types of orthotics tend to give people some extra cushioning which helps take stress off bones inside the arch region by giving some extra support through this part of your foot. They tend to offer superior ride quality as well (when paired with side-stretchable insoles), along with better overall shoe comfort if worn correctly. One thing to keep in mind about some occasional ‘off’ days or weeks where your slider isn’t feeling right – it’s not going anywhere without taking a few steps forward – so don’t discount them altogether if they’re sorta uncomfortable at first – they will eventually work themselves out over