How Can I Learn To Program Workouts For Crossfit?

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What Are The Machines That Is Used In Crossfit?

There are three main kinds of machines that are used at CrossFit training centres. The first kind is the overhead squat bar or rig, which attaches to a power rack and helps people with good shoulder strength complete the Olympic lifts. The second kind are specialty bars, which are used to lift weights off their shoulders for some moves where they have to hold on to the bar. Examples include curling dumbbells or kettle bells. The third type of machine is the sled/band pull-up station, also known as a cable crossover station. The set includes pulleys attached either side of an anchor point, so elastic bands can be stretched upwards above your head on one side and pulled back over your feet after you put weight onto them on the other end. Sleds commonly used by crossfitters include Smith Machine sled(pictured right) & C2 hyper band (linked).

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how can i learn to program workouts for crossfit?


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