How Are The People In The Crossfit Games Too Huge?

what does that even mean?” i asked myself. after several months of hearing and seeing people talk about big muscles and how it affects their performance, i finally did a little research on the topic of muscle mass and strength development.

the majority of people in sports like powerlifting, weightlifting, football, rugby etc… do not focus on building muscle mass. they will add weight to the bar over time but never add more than 12-15 pounds to their lifts per session. they will hit a new all time PR every 3-6 months meaning that their fitness level is never reached during these 2 years of training or longer if athletes start late into their 20s or 30s (like me). this also explains why endurance athletes such as marathon runners and triathletes can run for decades while there has been no change in body composition over these generations due to high carbohydrate intake only while taking steroids to build muscle while running while restricting fat intake through controlled dietary dictates while taking supplements along with adequate sleep are necessary for an athlete to perform at his best!

i have read countless scientific papers which state that having 6% body fat along with 10 repetitions maximum will provide enough anabolic hormones required by the body for testosterone levels maximization (+/- 10% dependent on age) without requiring much additional caloric input beyond what would be considered normal daily diet requirements during adolescence combined with intensive training sessions maximum twice weekly (~2hrs). you don’t need to take steroids in order to

Crossfit Tabata Workouts Reviews What Is It Good For?

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how are the people in the crossfit games too huge?


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